Travel Trailer


You’ve got limited time to experience unlimited adventure.

Start with the ultralight camper trailer that lets you do it all in one easily towable package even a minivan can love.


Ultralight Camper Trailer


Meet the Antishanty Team

ROD: The Chief

Rod rips it on skis, motos, sleds, mountain bikes, road bikes, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. He is dedicated to his craft.

Toy haulers, off-road adventure trailers, you name it, he has probably had one or built one. Years of experience lead and guide our team.

LANCE: The Luminary

Lance is the kind of guy who just makes it happen.

Like the time he converted a ’74 VW Micro Bus into a travel trailer, but it looked factory-built.

He also gets after it on bikes, motos, and skis.

TAYLOR: The Synergist

Taylor is always looking forward to the next time he can be outside. Skis, bikes, water sports, you name it, Taylor is on it.

Taylor loves to smoke meat with friends and family (and eat it!) When he finds something that he likes, he goes after it.

COLLIN: The Guide

Collin soaks in every part of the great outdoors with every spare minute he has.

Collin thrives guiding sportsmen and anglers across the West. Sharing his love and knowledge of the outdoors with others is his passion. With his guiding experience, he is excited to guide you in creating your ultimate tool to access the outdoors.

Ultralight Camper Trailer

KAILEY: The Coordinator

Kailey spends her time in top-secret locations where she lures in unsuspecting king salmon lurking in remote riverbeds and valleys across the West.

She also takes care of business. When not hooking up gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals she can be found growing fruits and vegetables in her gigantic garden.

COLE : The Confectioner

Cole likes to go fast on 2 wheels. Mountain bikes, or Moto bikes, Cole likes to get out. Camping and 4-wheeling are some of his favorite activities.

Cole believes details matter and that pushing boundaries brings great rewards.