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If avoiding many of the general maintenance issues typically found in RV’s while sleeping up to 6 inside 4 walls off the ground is your idea of fun, then you came to the right rodeo. The Antishanty was designed for folks who can appreciate the simplistic nature of traditional camping, with a few more creature comforts.

All AntiShanty models are under 2,000 lbs dry. The Base unit starts at 1,500 lbs.

If your vehicle has a hitch receiver and is capable of towing 2,000 lbs or more yes!

Midsize SUVs, Subarus, Vans, Full Sized trucks, electric vehicles, and even crossovers.

Under a minute, with a few more seconds if leveling the trailer on uneven terrain.

The standard bolt pattern is the same as a standard Toyota 6 bolt pattern. (6 on 5.5″ or 6 on 139.7mm)

Yes! Offgrid, boondock, primitive camp, call it what you want the AntiShanty thrives on extended trips where resources are scarce and nature is plenty.

Dogs love the AntiShanty. Adding an entry mat over the lasered tie down holes in the step will have your animal’s paws thanking you. Dogs and cats love curling up underneath the trailer for some shade, or underneath the bench at night or on cooler days.

Kids love the AntiShanty.

“It’s like a tiny house that is also a cabin that you can take into the prettiest places that you could never take a house to.” Unnamed 6 year old.

“Can we like, just live in an AntiShanty forever?” Unnamed 4 year old.

“Cool, it has separate levels. I call top.” Unnamed 17 year old.

Yes. The AntiShanty fits into a standard parking space and can be parked “pull through” style with most vehicles in 2 standard spaces.

Yes. The AntiShanty can be configured in many different ways to adjust overall height. Email us to see what solution we have for your specific needs.

No. The base has a few listed optional accessories that are all bolt on. Think of the Base like a blank slate/ empty cargo van. If you have seen it in a van, you can probably have it in an AntiShanty. Creativity is encouraged and we love to hear our customers ideas. The world is your oyster.

If you have a specific request please email us to see if we can accommodate it.

If you have a specific request please email us to see if we can accommodate it.

Most customers like to make the trip out and pick up their unit in person. We realize everyone’s schedules do not permit extended travel and we have shipping options available for folks who would like their delivered directly.

This is a matter of personal preference and often is determined by where you live and what vehicle you will be towing with. If you are towing up mountain passes in the winter, you may want them. If you are cruising up and down the coast on pavement with a vehicle that has the ability to downshift they may not be as necessary.

At the moment no. You can come by our shop with a little heads up for a closer look at the trailers in person.

Up to 6 if you are packing in tight. Three levels (two bunks and the floor) equate to roughly 3 queen beds worth of sleeping real estate. How many people can you fit into a VW Bug?

Yes! The AntiShanty was designed to be ultra rugged and is a purpose built overlanding trailer. Each element of the AntiShanty was hand picked to endure years of heavy use without failure. We recommend upgrading the Base unit with the off road wheel/tire combo, this comes standard on the Plus and Pro.

You don’t. You mount gear to the sides. The external wheel well design of the AntiShanty provides double the space of a single roof, without the overhead loading. Strap down kayaks, surf boards, paddle boards, skis, snowboards, etc.

The open and airy design of the Antishanty allows you to open both triangles on the roof, the side and the rear entry door for unmatched air flow.

The AntiShanty is water-resistant for most showers. If it is raining sideways with multiple daily freeze-thaw cycles we recommend using the extreme weather fly. Batten down the hatches with the included fly for a fully weatherproof shelter in the worst of weather. (non submersible)

The Plus and the Pro come with power systems already to roll. Add your preferred portable battery and solar panel setup to the base and you’ve got power!

Yes! The Base is our bare-bones DIY offering. Please, let your imagination run wild.

Yes! The AntiShanty works great as an office by day, bunkhouse by night. Set it up as an ADU next to the house or rent it out as an AirBNB.

Yes! You can haul whatever to wherever with it.

No, side by sides do not fit.

Yes! 2 motos fit very well and are easily secured with the supplied aircraft track.

Yes! A full sized 4 wheeler fits, as well as a standard length track snowmobile.

Yes! Store larger kennels or litter boxes up by the front counter or underneath the bunk/bench

Most vehicles designed for towing will not even feel the additional weight of the AntiShanty. Even the V6’s that bog down with larger trailers will be cruising up steep grades with ease.
Vehicles as small as a subaru or minivan have no problem taking on an AntiShanty.

Yes. Roll over all the rocks. With clearance for up to 37” tires there are few obstacles an AntiShanty cannot tackle.

No. Not with most vehicles. The design of the tongue eliminates bulky jacks to destroy tailgates or doors too. Easily backing up past 90 degrees is no problem.

We supply 2 levels of what we believe to be the most foolproof, simple, yet functional solar setup in all of the AntiShanty models. The PLUS is solar ready (bring your own panel/s) with an SAE Solar Ready port at the tongue of the trailer. Simply plug in your portable panel with a built in charge controller and you are ready to go.

Yes. The Pro comes with a Dometic fantastic fan.

No. The Base comes bare bones stock. We have specifically designed the base as a shell for you to design/customize/make your own. Bring your own portable gear and plug and play.

We supply 7 gallons of on board water storage on the Plus and Pro in the form of an externally mounted Road Shower. 2.5, 5, or 10 gallon water containers stack nicely underneath the benches or underneath the counter top.

Yes, there are endless mounting options with the AntiShanty accessory rails and spaces for them on the front of the tongue box. Reach out to us today for more answers to specific mounting questions.

Sure! If it’s yours, use it how you see fit. Feel free to give us a call today to chat up some neat ideas.

Yes, we proudly offer a $1,000 discount off the total price of a trailer for folks who are serving, or who have served in the United States Military.

500 lbs evenly distributed, per bunk.