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Project Description


Have you ever driven 5 hours into a remote mountain town only to find that the campsite is full and all the hotels are booked? We certainly have. Whether it’s a bicycle race or a jeep jamboree that has the town at maximum capacity, it won’t matter if you have your trusted AntiShanty hooked up. Off-grid, dry camping, boondocking, however, you like to call it is no match for your portable eco-dwelling.

Have you ever packed up a wet tent? It wouldn’t be our first time doing so either. The real bummer is when you have to set it up at the next adventure hub and it is still raining. Wet, cold, and miserable is not how we like to spend our time in the great outdoors. With the technology available you shouldn’t have to spend it that way either. Escape from the wind and moisture in your own micro chateau.


Mammal Resistent

Bear country and ground tents. There is nothing scarier than hearing a 400 lb carnivore sniffing around your campsite.

Sturdy Shelter

Riveted and bonded seams prevent drafts and cold or hot air from penetrating our 1″ thick R5 insulated walls. Hail, sleet, snow, don't stand a chance against our one-piece panels and rock-solid aluminum-clad design.

Outdoor Indoor

One of the greatest parts of spending time in the mountains is basking in the open spaces. A 4′ wide side door and 5’ wide rear hatch provide massive openings to let the outside in.

Rained Out

If the weather is poor, the experience won’t have to be. Enjoy the views with warmth and comfort.

Gear Shed

Mountain bikes, dirt bikes, canoes, kayaks, rope, cams, bouldering pads, SUP’s, slacklines, parachutes, wingsuits, skis, snowboards, timber sleds, and snowmobiles. Room for the gear that gets you going.

Dream Cabin

Many a dream have been dreamt about that perfect spot high in the mountains. With nearly 3/4 of all the land in the USA classified as public lands, the dream may not be as far away as you think.







People who enjoy a nice breeze and watching the clouds form. The kind of people who don't mind a little mud on their boots, or the smell of a campfire. The adventuring type.  Our kind of people.

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