Travel Trailer


With an ultralight, ultra-versatile camper trailer / cabin towable by most vehicles

Don’t let your trailer compromise your time off. Get a trailer that goes the extra mile.

  • Camp comfortably with the features of a travel trailer or camper trailer
  • Offroad easily with the suspension of an adventure trailer
  • Play your way with the gear capacity of a toy hauler
  • Feel like you’re home with the comfort and headroom of a cabin in the woods
  • Tow easily with the ultralight footprint of a teardrop trailer
  • Set up camp quickly with the transforming versatility of a hard-sided pop-up trailer

See how Antishanty can accommodate your work-hard, play-hard travel style.

Travel Trailer
Travel Trailer
Travel Trailer
Travel Trailer

More than meets the eye

“It’s not quite a basic cargo trailer, not quite a rolling A-frame. The AntiShanty trailer is part-time cargo box and part-time tiny aluminum cabin in the woods.”

– C.C. Weiss, New Atlas

Freedom to customize

“Tall enough to stand up in, insulated for winter use, slung over an off-road axle, and comes standard with an elevated queen bed that rests in the triangular pop-top. But everything else in the trailer is yours to build out how you want. It will last a lifetime.

– Jakob Schiller, Outside

“Best Travel Trailer 2019

“A full-size lift gate swings up so you have plenty of space to load things, and inside there are plenty of tie-downs to secure your gear. But the AntiShanty’s real differences come once you roll into camp…

– Megan Barber, Curbed

“Cool Camper Trailer for Wanderers”

Ultralight yet rugged construction, can be towed by most vehicles on the market, and can accommodate up to four adults despite its relatively compact dimensions.”

– Anthony Karr,


Or are they haulable A-frame cabins?

Grab your gear and go with a toy hauler that masquerades as a queen-bed cabin by night. Simple shell setup includes indoor countertop, our modular bed/picnic table system, keyed entry, and future-ready rails. BYO lighting and electricity.

Make the road feel more like home with an additional queen bed, a built-in 2-burner glass cooktop, a furnace, lithium power, USB ports, and lights. Little touches of luxury like keyless entry, extra windows, and off-road tires come standard.

You don’t have to compromise when living off-grid. All the little touches add up to make this a tiny house you won’t mind living in for a long period. Solar helps you stay independent longer, especially with your massive battery capacity. An ultra-smooth ultralight trailer experience.

Travel Trailer


Join the AntiShanty tribe of adventurers before it’s too late.

  • Limited handcrafted production runs
  • Top value with quality to last a lifetime
  • A bomber four-season trailer of infinite uses




Travel Trailer

1. Haul It All

Who needs a toy hauler? Drive in and tie down the ATV, dirtbikes, mountain bikes, and still sleep in a queen bed with a 2-minute conversion in the chameleon-like space or the pop-up A-frame.

Infinite tie-downs inside and out make sure you can haul all the toys you need without sacrificing comfort or usability.

Travel Trailer

2. Travel Ultralight

You drive a Subie? Maybe a minivan? Weighing in at only 1,500 to 2,000 pounds, depending on options, you’ll be able to pull the AntiShanty with just about whatever you have in your garage.

All that despite bomber durability in our all-metal shell and skeleton that won’t rot or distort over time — no matter where you take it.

Travel Trailer
Travel Trailer

3. Sleep Easy

Drive into camp and your AntiShanty shape-shifts into a tiny house. Just unload the toys, slide your sturdy bed/table panels in place, and literally raise the roof, transforming your trailer in moments.

With 9 feet of headroom in your A-frame cabin and ample space to sleep four adults, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.